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Nikolina Kovalenko, a Brooklyn-based artist, earned her MFA from the Moscow Surikov Art Institute in 2011 and studied at Universität der Künste, Berlin, in 2010. With a Gold Medal from the Russian Art Academy, Kovalenko draws inspiration from global issues like climate change, coral bleaching, and deforestation, exploring humanity's psychological bond with nature and the environmental impacts of daily actions.


Her exhibitions span prestigious venues worldwide, including MOMMA (Moscow Museum of Modern Art) and The Russian Museum, as well as solo showcases at Clark Gallery, Caldwell Gallery Hudson, Gitana Rosa Gallery, and Dacia Gallery. She has exhibited across the USA, UK, UAE, Sweden, Russia, Japan, Germany, France, China, Belgium, and Iceland.


Kovalenko's environmental activism extends to projects in the Brazilian Amazon, Iceland, the Andes, the Caribbean, and the Red Sea, collaborating with organizations like Museum Week and UNESCO. Through partnerships with scientists, she aims to creatively communicate the fragility of ecosystems and promote conservation efforts, donating proceeds from select projects to environmental causes.


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